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Les Denton is the president of Assent Publishing, LLC. She founded Assent to bring quality authors and readers together within this evolving book publishing industry. She is excited to be the only publisher to present Assent Academy, the first of its kind, which offers professionally taught marketing, book business curriculum and customized advice at no charge to our authors throughout their careers with Assent Publishing.

When the internet broke ground, Les offered services in technology. It was an exciting time and she was able to offer many new things to people and businesses. As a technology and knowledge management executive she was able to lead new strategic direction. Over time of course, what was once groundbreaking became the norm.

Les also writes and surrounds herself in that environment. When ebooks were just starting to heat up the market, a fellow writer approached her with stories of successes in the publishing realm. She recognized this fresh opportunity, just like the birth of the internet, an exciting new frontier where authors have more opportunity than ever before. Because of that readers are meeting new authors every day.

Having spent the last decade as a knowledge management and technology executive, talent acquisition and motivation were her passion. The time seemed right to start bringing all the energetic imaginative resources she had found together.

The result is Assent Publishing, a team of talented editors, artists, and marketing mavens with a splash of technologists. Les serves as the managing editor for Bad Day Books, Assent’s horror, thriller, and suspense imprint.

Though she has returned to her native Pittsburgh, PA, Les has lived in varied climates and landscapes throughout the East Coast and Chicago. She is the proud owner of a wiener dog named Theodore who works in the community as a Therapy Dog and serves as the perfect ear for read-aloud editing opinions.

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