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Most authors live in a dream world, and you probably think that's a good thing. We all want their books to take us away from our day to day realities and give us some time away from life's stresses. Les Denton used to be one of them, casually strolling through life, safe in the knowledge that it would always remain pretty much as it is today. Oh sure friends come and go, loved ones pass on and others are born to fill the void, work twists you all over the map. Even in Les' favorite horror stories, things often do go wrong, but our way of life always ends up comfortably safe and familiar.

Then one day chaos entered with the force of a train wreck. The whole world fell apart. All bets were off, and things might never get better.

Les never saw the inherent flaw in electric chain saws. The thought that all power shuts down within two days of a major societal breakdown never concerned her. She led the sheltered life of most Americans, watching wars on TV but never experiencing a war on her turf, or an economic collapse, or the inevitable breakdown of society that follows.

Armed with just her wiener dog and a fountain pen, Les Denton began writing while dodging sniper rifles and claymores in this shoulder-fired world that will soon be our future if we don't wise up. Could it really be that we are just a stone's throw away from a life where recon packs are a standard accessory for your new SUV?

Les treks through the mire desperately piecing together what remains of our existence. Are those alien remains or just another attempt at a Universal Soldier? Ever the optimist, she pauses to gather her thoughts and writes, Have a nice end of the world. Here's how. Then she dives just in time to miss the incoming M-16 fire.

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